August 2017
We live in an age of high-tech, where all kinds of activities are helped and supported by various advanced tools. One that can not be separated from human life today is a gadget. The need for gadgets that first appeared only for the elite, now has become the primary needs of people from the bottom to the upper class. As a communication tool, gadgets are now equipped with a variety of ease features.

So that its existence is not just a medium of communication but also other interests related to life. Like for example, socializing, work and so forth. But along with the benefits that exist in the gadget was also has a negative influence on users such as addiction. Well, below there are some tourist attractions that prohibit visitors using gadgets. Where are the places? Here's the information for you.

Quar Abbey

Quar Abbey is one of the historic places in the world located on the Isle of Wight, England. The beginning of this building is home to the Benedictine monks, and since a few years ago this area opened to the public as a tourist attraction that not only offers entertainment but also presents the serenity of spiritual tourism. Quar Abbey, Isle of Wight can indeed be visited as a destination for spiritual wiisata because visitors can walk around taan, praying, religious enlightenment and so forth. Therefore, this place does not allow visitors to use or activate the gadget to be able to concentrate fully and get the calm coveted. If you enter this area by operating the gadget, maybe you have been kicked because it disturbs the peace in that place.

Palm Island, St. Vincent

The Caribbean Islands in the South American region is indeed famous for a variety of beautiful tours with amazing hotels. But there is one hotel that not only offers a beautiful Caribbean island reserve but also a soothing relaxation of mind. The place is the Palm Island Resort & Spa. How not calm if in this place visitors are not allowed to use gadgets. To support this rule, the hotel management does not provide wifi facilities and no TV. Visitors are really made as if - disappeared for a moment from worldly affairs. Therefore, people who have visited this place say that one of the pleasures and satisfaction of vacationing in this place is maximum relaxation.

Ranch House

Ranch house or farmhouse located in the region of Andalusia, Spain was also one of the places that prohibit the use of gadgets for tourists. Andalusia is famous for its stunning attractions and resorts. One of them is a ranch house that has an area of ​​about 17 hectares! The uniqueness of this ranch house is the use of sunlight as a source of energy. So that there can be no wifi service for your gadget. The calmness, the natural atmosphere in it really makes it relaxing for anyone who visits in it. Although prohibiting the existence of gadgets, but other facilities provided no less good as hammocks or hammocks in the spacious yard that you can make relaxing or sunbathing under the sun Andalusia.

Lundy Island

It turned out that in addition to Quar Abbey, Britain has another place that also prohibits tourists using a gadget that is in Lundy Island. A remote island located in Devon, England has an interesting advantage even though you can not access anything through your gadget. In this beautiful little island, you can see Puffin birds that also became the mascot for this tourist spot and other beautiful scenery. May be called back to the past if you visit this place because besides not allowed to use gadgets, this island also has no traffic signs or traffic lights as well as the world's highways. This tourist area is really suitable for you who are saturated with kehidupa outside and want to feel the sensation of calm without having complicated with gadgets. Because of the strict ban of this gadget, for visitors who violate it will be fined!

using gadgets is certainly not a mistake, but if to cause addiction may be true if then familiarized there are restrictions. Because everything that is excessive never cause a good effect. For those of you who want to take a break from the virtual things of gadget, the above tourist spots can be alternative choice. If you were told to choose, which one is your favorite?