This incident occurred in a village in Central Java. A mysterious figure suddenly wandering terrorize the people who are walking alone. Every time someone is alone on foot or on a drive, this ghost must appear. He was a creepy man, his face very pale and he walked so stiffly that his hands were as if they were still. He looked like he was flying.

The story of this pale-faced man was initially thought to be a hoax. Just joking that the villagers do not like the wild night because it disturbs the security and tranquility of the village. But since this ghost often arises also during the day, everyone believes this ghost exists. Moreover, the intensity of occurrence so often, until the villagers decide to find out who the pale figure is creepy.

This ghost used to cross the village streets in front of State Elementary School 2. Usually this man wearing clothes like a human. Often a shirt with trousers. He has a thin and tall stature. His age looks like a 48-year-old male. His face is not very visible Javanese because he like suffering from skin cancer that makes his skin so damaged.

One night, villagers trap this ghost. They intend to catch this troubling ghost-faced ghost. When one of the villagers became victimized, he was really frightened to play because it turned out that this ghost has the ability to reproduce itself. There were about four sightings of the pale-faced man. He is really creepy. Usually he wears a shirt, in that night he wears a black robe. From his mouth out sharp teeth and blood drops. The ghost also produced a strange hissing sound occasionally accompanied by a roar like a tiger.

Before the victim tumbal was increasingly terrified and almost attacked. From the right, people threw stones at them. Some even throw sharp objects like knives. Some even wear guns. Strangely all the weapons did not work. The pale-faced man continually stood up terrorizing the stupid victim of tumbal by the citizen tied to a power pole so that he could hardly escape. The ghost grew even more excited by the crowd. He even came out with a strange smoke that smelled like a burnt cable. The strange smoke was ejected to the citizens who attacked him with sharp weapons.
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