Indeed our solar system has only one center, the sun. However, in the area near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England there are two visible suns.

A resident named Phil Bell has proved it. One afternoon as it passed the area before sunset, Phil witnessed the unusual phenomenon.

He even had to capture it in a photo. In the photos that spread on the internet, seen on one side of the sun twilight still shines with the light. But on the other hand, the tread is also a shining round shadow which is later called Phil as the second sun.

"I was not sure what it was, I thought maybe a plane was coming out from behind a cloud," Phil said as quoted from "I took a photo and a few minutes later went back behind the clouds, and you could see it light up the clouds from behind.I was amazed I was amazed I thought 'What's that?' I've never seen that before."

Meanwhile, there is no known cause of the phenomenon that seems to show there are two suns. Could be a rare phenomenon that occurs due to the refraction of sunlight.
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