The Indonesian Question in the United Nations

Why do you think this was?  (who was involved - list the countries who had a ‘claim’ in the archipelago). I think it was like the UN they meant. Some of the countries that were involved in that archipelago are South Korea, Switzerland and Australia.

What is an ‘diplomatic offensive’? (you will need to look up the words)  How is this different from a ‘military offensive’? A diplomatic offensive is an offensive that relates to governmental things. It is different from a military offensive because military offensive is an operation that has something to do with army force and their purpose is usually to inhabit a place, and that is different from a diplomatic offensive because a diplomatic offensive is the operation that relates with the government, not army forces.

What was the “Linggarjati Agreement”?  What countries signed the treaty? The “Linggarjati Agreement” kind of mocks the Indonesia’s independence proclamation. This agreement is an agreement that states the Indonesia republic to be under control of the Dutch. The countries that signed this treaty were Indonesia and Netherland.

Why did Indonesians disapprove of the Agreement? Indonesians disapprove of the agreement because the agreement says that the Dutch may gain control of the whole republic, so of course the Indonesians disapprove the agreement.

What was the Renville Agreement? What countries were involved in it? The Renville Agreement is the agreement that states that Indonesia only owns some parts of their land. They are: East Java, Yogyakarta and Sumatra. The countries that were involved in it were India and Australia.

Who was Muso and what did he try to do? What party was he with? Muso was a part of Indonesians communist country, the PKI. What he tried to do that time was to take the government down and he was the leader of this action.

How did the Dutch violate the Renville Agreement in 1948? The Dutch violate the Renville Agreement in 1948 by invading Yogyakarta, arresting President Soekarno, Vice- President Mohammad Hatta and other leaders.

In one paragraph, explain what happened between the time Pandit Jawaharial Nehru of India helped initiate diplomatic meetings until May 7th, 1949.
            What happened between that time were first, the UN pressed the Dutch to let go of control from Indonesia and to give back Indonesia their people that were prisoners of them. Second, on the 28th of January 1949, the UN instructed the Dutch to stop fighting and to let go of Indonesia’s leaders and also their capital city during that time, Yogyakarta. Third, because the Dutch ignored those instructions given, they proclaimed to everyone that the government and army of the Republic of Indonesia have no longer existed. Fourth, it’s the turn for the Indonesians to make the actions. Because the Indonesians heard of what the Dutch stated about their army and government, people of Indonesia arranged an attack on March 1 1949 that was led by Soeharto. This attack was in Yogyakarta and also, this offense succeeded as they had occupied to the city even though just for a few hours. The reason why the Indonesians did this is because they wanted to show everybody that what the Dutch said about the Republic’s government and army is wrong. And that was all that happened during the time between the time when Pandit Jawaharial Nehru of India helped initiate diplomatic meetings until the 7th of May 1949.
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